The Chaire Abertis – École des Ponts ParisTech – IFSTTAR awards the 3rd Abertis Prize for infrastructure research in Paris

The winners, along with those from Spain and Puerto Rico, will vie for the 3rd International Prize, to be awarded in Puerto Rico on 9 July

The doctoral thesis, Modélisation fonctionnelle de profils de vitesse en lien avec l’infrastructure et méthodologie de construction d’un profil agrégé, by Dr Cindie Andrieu and the thesis “Driving electric? A financial assessment of electric vehicle policies in France”, by Dr Elisabeth Windisch, were the winners of the 3rd Abertis Prize for Research into Transport Infrastructure Management, awarded by the Chaire Abertis – École des Ponts ParisTech – IFSTTAR.

Pierre-Antoine Laharotte received the prize in the best graduate dissertation, final degree project or master’s dissertation category for his work titled “Use of Bluetooth data for traffic characterization. Case study of Brisbane’s semi-urban network” (Analyse de l’apport des donées Bluetooth pour la caractérisation du trafic. Traitement du reseau semi-urbain de Brisbane).

This competition is one of the lead-up events to the 3rd International Abertis Chair Prize, which will be awarded in Puerto Rico on 9 July. The winners of the international edition will be selected from the pool comprising the winning projects awarded today by the Chaire Abertis – École des Ponts ParisTech – IFSTTAR and its counterparts in Spain and Puerto Rico.

The Abertis Prize is worth 10,000 euros in the thesis category and 4,000 euros in the dissertation category.

International Abertis Chair Network

The Abertis Chair network has an increasing international presence, which is proof of the company’s commitment to the academic world, contributing to research into the impact of major works on areas, thus improving the quality of life for their inhabitants.

The International Abertis Chair Network is present in Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Chile and Brazil, in partnership with the following universities: The BarcelonaTech (Barcelona, Spain); IFSTTAR, École des Ponts–ParisTech, Fondation des Ponts, (Paris, France); the University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico); the University of Chile (Santiago, Chile); and the University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil).

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