The Abertis France Chair confers the Fourth Abertis International Prize for Transport Infrastructure Management

Chairs Abertis 2015

The doctoral theses ""Development of a quantitative method for assessing effects of land transport infrastructure projects on natural environment" by Fanny Mallard (Nantes Angers Le Mans University) and "Investigating the effects of cooperative vehicles on highway traffic homogenization: analytical and simulation studies" by Julien Monteil (Lyon University) were the joint winners of the Fourth Abertis Chair-IFSTTAR, École des Ponts–ParisTech, Fondation des Ponts Prize, which was conferred today at the Spanish Embassy in France.

In the dissertation category the winner was a work entitled "Traffic on the A4 motorway in the Ile de France region: evaluation and diagnosis". by Eirine Ore (École des Ponts ParisTech), which analyses and evaluates traffic on the A4 motorway in the Île-de-France region. This is the main artery of the region’s road network and integrates the new city of Marne-la-Vallée.

The award ceremony was attended by Ramón de Miguel, Spain’s Ambassador in France; Lluís Deulofeu, managing director of Sanef, Abertis’ French subsidiary; and Sergi Loughney, Abertis’ director of Institutional Relations and head of the Abertis Foundation.

Created in 2011, the Abertis-IFSTTAR, École des Ponts–ParisTech Chair has been recognising the best research works in the transport infrastructure management sector annually for the last four years. Its objective is to promote education, research and innovation in this field.  The interest of the academic community is underscored by the success of this edition, which attracted the submission of 15 doctoral theses and of 11 dissertations and final or master’s theses. The prize is worth €10,000 in the Thesis category and €4,000 in the Dissertations and Final or Master’s theses category. 

The winners will take part in the Fourth Abertis International Prize for Infrastructure Research, which will select the best of the prize-winners in their respective countries in May in Barcelona.

International Network of Abertis Academic Chairs

The international scope of the Abertis Academic Chair is continually growing and underpins the Company’s commitment to the academic community, contributing to research on the impact of large works in different regions, thereby improving the quality of life of their inhabitants.

The International Network of Abertis Academic Chairs extends to Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Chile and Brazil, and works in collaboration with the following universities: Universitat Politècnica of Catalunya-BarcelonaTech (Barcelona, Spain); IFSTTAR, École des Ponts–ParisTech, Fondation des Ponts, (Paris, France); University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico); University of Chile (Santiago, Chile); and University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil).

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